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What Will Post-COVID Uniforms Look Like?


As we cautiously return to the office after a prolonged period of pandemic-induced remote work, it feels much like a forgotten Hollywood star making a triumphant comeback in a blockbuster movie. With the return, uniforms are facing a challenging yet exciting opportunity to reinvent themselves.

The future of post-COVID uniforms seems to hinge on a delicate equilibrium struck between professional polish and the three C’s: Comfort, Convenience, and Consideration. From Zoom meetings to in-person work engagements, a blend of comfort and style seems to be the latest trend shaping our workplace wardrobes.


The Comfort Revolution ✊


Danielle Grossi, Head of Client Partnerships at Designs To You, reveals that the focus of uniform design has taken a strong detour towards comfort—a detour that might become permanent. As businesses were already adopting a more casual approach to uniforms, COVID-19 accelerated this shift, cementing 2021 as the year of Business Casual.

According to Danielle, “Casual Friday has evolved from being a once-a-week affair to becoming the everyday norm. However, a relaxed outfit doesn’t imply sloppiness. The secret to transforming a casual look into a work-friendly outfit lies in smart design, flattering silhouettes, and top-notch tailoring. Imagine soft linen shirts paired with chinos, knit tops, or polo shirts making a comeback, while formal jackets give way to softshell jackets and knitwear—ensuring comfort without compromising on professionalism.”


Convenience Is Key 🔑


With our fast-paced lives, convenience in uniforms is crucial. Employees need uniforms that are ‘slip-on-and-go,’ require minimal maintenance, and can withstand the daily grind.

Danielle further adds, “People prefer low-maintenance relationships, and the same principle applies to their uniforms. After a hard day’s work, the last thing anyone wants to do is worry about ironing, dry cleaning, or mending their uniforms.”

Innovative fabrics like TruTemp365® are game-changers, offering easy care with features like wrinkle resistance, quick drying, and stain repelling. In some cases, design improvements have also included the removal of buttons and zips for swift dressing. These convenience-centric designs let workers focus more on their personal life and less on uniform maintenance.


A Sustainable Outlook 🌎


With the ongoing global pandemic and environmental crisis, sustainability has taken centre stage. Consumers and businesses alike are prioritizing eco-friendly practices now more than ever.

The uniform industry is no exception, with Danielle saying, “We’re getting numerous inquiries about sustainable uniforms and ethical supply chains. Many brands have set sustainability targets, and they’re actively seeking uniform suppliers that align with their values.”

The path to sustainable uniforms lies in considered design. This could mean using recycled fabrics, crafting durable products, minimizing plastic packaging, or recycling old uniforms. Such initiatives help reduce landfill and ease the environmental burden.

“At Designs To You, we’re striving to make our entire stock service range sustainable by the end of 2023,” Danielle asserts with pride. “We all have a role to play in protecting our planet, and there’s no question that we need to do everything we can to create a cleaner, less wasteful world.”

It seems clear that the post-COVID era will witness a uniform evolution that balances comfort, convenience, and sustainability without compromising on professionalism. If you’re interested in joining this revolution and want to design a uniform collection that’s ahead of the curve, get in touch with our team today. The future awaits, and it’s dressed in post-COVID chic.


If you want to help strike the perfect balance between Comfort, Convenience, Consideration and a professional look, talk to our team about designing a uniform collection that’s ahead of the curve.