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Unlocking the Hidden Power of Work Uniforms: The Ultimate ROI


You’ve probably heard the old adage, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. In the context of libraries, sure, it makes sense.

However, when it comes to workplaces, new research shows that appearances are exactly what customers judge a business by. In fact, what your employees wear can have an enormous impact on whether they open their wallets in your store or not.

That’s because your staff represent one of the most important touchpoints for your brand. More often than not, they’re the ones responsible for creating that all-important first impression.

So, what have their threads got to do with it?


Your Uniforms Say a Lot About Your Business 💼


As much as we’d like to believe that the world doesn’t revolve around appearances, the truth is that what we wear can often signal our values and beliefs, as well as our purpose in a professional setting. But it’s not just a question of whether or not to implement a uniform, you also have to consider the quality, finish, colour and style as well, because it can all affect customer perception.

Think of it like this – if your store or workplace is your ‘brand’, your staff are walking advertisements. Would you be happy with lacklustre advertising that doesn’t do justice to your brand? We didn’t think so. But don’t take our word for it, just look at the data.

The Harvard Business Review recently revealed that formal uniforms are directly correlated with an increase in customer-staff interaction. Why? Because a top-notch uniform signifies expertise. In fact, participants were almost twice as likely to interact with a formally dressed employee than one in casual wear, all because quality workwear raised their expectations of getting better service.

After all, if a business is making an investment in quality workwear, it says a lot about the quality of the product or service they sell.


The Right Uniforms Can Boost Confidence and Sales 🚀


Introducing quality uniforms can have a slew of benefits for your business. From instilling a sense of equality across your team and making them feel competent, to boosting their productivity and making them easier for your customers to identify. When it comes to a sales opportunity, a quality uniform can therefore be the difference between browsing for a minute and buying a bunch.

Not convinced? Here’s a stat that might change that – 90% of customers would rather leave the store empty-handed than ask for assistance.

That’s how important it is to make your employees approachable. And as we begin to recover from the perils of the pandemic, it’s more critical than ever to make your staff identifiable, accessible and professional.


In a Post-Pandemic Australia, Quality Uniforms Are an Investment 📈


As Australia arrives at ‘COVID normal’, businesses are beginning to discover all the ways product and service-based shopping experiences have changed. One thing we do know is that customers are feeling uncertain. This is where quality uniforms have the power to put them at ease and make their shopping experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

The same research from the Harvard Business Review showed that shoppers still significantly prefer a formally dressed employee over a casually dressed one, even when they are both wearing a mask. And when customers are more willing to approach staff, it can minimise the time they spend in the store, touching objects, and alleviate the uncertainty felt by other shoppers who may feel unsettled by high-traffic spaces.

The fact that wearing masks makes 83% of shoppers more likely to approach staff means that mask-wearing could be key to creating comfortable spaces for your customers. But they don’t have to be run-of-the-mill surgical masks – they can be an ownable element of your uniform that elevates your staff’s appearance even further.


Make a Sleek, Smart and Safe First Impression in 2022 🤝


Designs To You has been proudly making and supplying premium work uniforms since 1999. But our work is about more than uniforms.

We are passionate about changing the way it feels to wear a uniform because we believe that everyone deserves to feel great at work every day. 2022 is your chance to get the edge over the competition.



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