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Why Choose Us for Your Healthcare Uniforms in Australia?

The Essentials of Healthcare Workwear: What Sets Us Apart

Understanding the Importance of High-Quality Hospital Uniforms


Uniforms that work as hard as you do.

Healthcare workers deserve the best, so we made the best! Designed with advanced performance fabrics, ample pockets, and thoughtful features, our healthcare uniforms ensure that you and your team feel confident and comfortable all shift long.


All-day comfort, timeless design.

Modern, durable and designed for every body (literally), our healthcare uniforms are made to fit you, not the other way around.

Our healthcare uniform process.

With over two decades of experience collaborating with dozens of Australian healthcare organisations, we’ve developed a highly effective and streamlined process that is tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Our team pays meticulous attention to every detail of your wholesale uniform program to guarantee a seamless and hassle-free experience for both you and your staff.

Design & Development

Our collaborative approach ensures that we understand what matters to you and your team before crafting a uniform solution that reflects the unique identity of your healthcare brand.

Samples & Production

Once the final designs are approved, production of your garments begins with our ethical manufacturing partners in Australia and offshore.

Online Uniform Portal

During the production process, your fully customised uniform portal is designed and built in collaboration with your dedicated Account Manager and our in-house IT team.

The Healthcare Uniform Roll Out

Our roll-outs are carefully planned to ensure maximum efficiency. Our fulfilment team consolidates orders by location and state for lightning-fast delivery.

What makes us great.

Crafted from advanced performance fabrics and loaded with features like extra deep pockets, breathable fabrics, and stretch for movement, our clinician and healthcare uniforms are not your stock-standard fare.

Our Fabrics

Let our expert designers create a custom healthcare wardrobe for your team that showcases your organisation with modern styles, inclusive sizing, and a focus on fit and functionality that caters to all departments and roles, including doctors, nurses, allied health, pharmacy, admin and support services.

Healthcare Lookbook

Our online portal allows you to manage complex wholesale orders and uniform programs efficiently, from order to delivery across multiple locations, units, and departments.

Uniform Solutions
Healthcare uniform management made easy.

Our custom-built B2B online uniform system allows you to manage your uniform program simply and efficiently from order to delivery.

Not only does it allow your team to order what they need when they need it, but this fully automated system takes all the hassle out of managing your uniform program with intelligent tools and features. Working in the medical field means that you’ve got enough on your plate – let us take care of your healthcare uniform logistics.

Some of our valued partners.


Purpose-made uniforms for your healthcare team

Clean cut, comfortable, moisture-wicking, and professional – the right healthcare uniforms can make all the difference for medical staff. Whether it be for nursing, pharmacy workers, doctors, private practice physicians, or admin staff in a clinical setting; our healthcare uniforms are designed to meet the demands of healthcare.

Creating a customised healthcare uniform will offer comfort, functionality, and a professional outset – ensuring medical and healthcare workers feel their best while helping the community. For companies, customising a healthcare wardrobe can create a sense of identity, fostering unity and belonging with an organisation. Not to mention – branded scrubs or workwear can protect your employees, define professional boundaries, and reassure patients of the quality of care being administered.

Designs To You create and customise healthcare uniforms for all settings – from dental clinics, to hospitals, pharmacies, physiotherapy clinics, pathology labs, aged care, community healthcare settings and more.


Fit your team with uniforms they deserve.