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Shop Work, Corporate, Office, and Workwear Skirts for Women

Find all day-comfort without sacrificing on style with our range of Women’s work skirts. Give your work wardrobe that much-needed glow-up with our range of corporate, office, and workwear skirts for every occasion.


Let’s face it, you’re here because your work wardrobe needs a bit of a glow up. Whether you’re on the same office/corporate skirt rotation that you’ve been on for the last decade, or you’re just entering the office for the first time, our range of office, corporate, and workwear skirts is the answer you’ve been looking for.

We know that combining style and comfort can be the bane of every work clothing shopping expedition. If you’re tired of traipsing through retail stores on your lunch breaks or weekends wondering “will this look alright?”, then our carefully selected range of work skirts is here to help. Whenever we add a new piece to our office and corporate skirts collection for women, it needs to meet three key criteria points: it needs to be sophisticated, versatile, and (above all) comfortable.

Because our work skirts are designed and manufactured for the rigours of the workday, we use 100% TruTemp365® Polyester, with thermo-regulating fabric that keeps you cool or warm as needed. And with thoughtful quick-drying, anti-wrinkle, and no iron construction, our work skirts are ready to go first thing each morning – even on those tight washing load turnarounds.

Embrace your work wardrobe and say goodbye to those blank wardrobe stares on a Thursday morning with our range of A-line, Pencil, and Pleated work skirts for women. And so you’re not waiting too long for your wardrobe glow-up, order today to enjoy fast Australia-wide (or New Zealand – hello Kiwi friends!) delivery on all applicable orders.