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The Lifecycle of Sustainable Uniforms

APR 22 2024


Welcome to the lifecycle of a DTY uniform, where it does more than just look good—it’s a force for good. Beyond meeting dress codes, our workwear is on a mission to protect the planet, helping to reduce plastic waste, preventing old uniforms from ending up in landfills and reducing CO2 emissions— all before breakfast. At DTY, that’s just our standard Monday.

So, buckle up as we take you on a journey through the lifecycle of DTY uniforms — proof that you actually can wear your ethics… and look good doing it.



Sustainable Sourcing

At DTY, our uniforms stand out for their style and unique ability to repurpose what was once landfill-bound into the stars of your work wardrobe. Take REPREVE® polyester , for instance; the performance fibre that helps transform discarded plastic bottles — over 2 million so far — into ultra-comfortable, stylish uniforms.

Then there’s our Milano Knitwear . Designed with durability in mind, it boasts an unmatched toughness that could give a pair of jeans an identity crisis. Not only does it help minimise landfill contributions, but it also ensures your uniform budget stretches just that bit further.

Every DTY uniform stands as a testament to sustainable innovation, weaving together efforts to reduce waste and pollution with every fiber. And in this saga of sustainability, every thread counts, contributing to a future where fashion and the environment don’t have to be at odds.

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Design & Production

At DTY, our design philosophy hinges on the motto, “Waste not, want not.” Our uniforms emerge from an almost athletic effort to sidestep fabric waste — envision it as a high-stakes dodgeball game where scraps are the opponent. Embracing a zero-waste design approach, we ensure our creations are as kind to the planet as they are to the eye.

Our commitment to eco-friendliness extends beyond fabric conservation. We partner with manufacturers who champion renewable energy sources to power their operations, significantly lightening the carbon footprint of every piece produced.

Slipping into a DTY uniform means you’re not just sporting exceptionally comfy workwear; you’re embodying a dedication to sustainable design and ethical manufacturing practices. And we think that’s a pretty good look on anyone.



Use & Maintenance

You’ll be glad to know that our uniforms and workwear come with an innate resilience to the adventures and mishaps of daily life, ensuring that keeping up appearances doesn’t evolve into a full-time endeavour. Think of them as the low-maintenance friends everyone wants: always looking sharp, without clamoring for your undivided attention.

But even the most durable uniforms benefit from a little TLC. Our care guide is like a cookbook for laundry: simple recipes for keeping your uniform looking its best, without the need for harsh chemicals or endless washing cycles. This guide is our not-so-secret formula to ensure your beloved uniform enjoys a long, purposeful existence, sparing your wardrobe — and our planet — from unnecessary waste.

Remember, a good uniform is one that stands the test of time, streamlining our collective closet and trimming down landfill overflow.

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Recycling and End-of-Life

When DTY uniforms reach the twilight of their career, we don’t just bid them farewell; we give them a whole new stage to shine on. In 2023 alone, we recycled 282kg of old uniforms. Not only did this prevent them from languishing in textile purgatory (also known as landfills), but it also saved a whopping 833kg of CO2.

And the secret to our eco-alchemy? A partnership with Textile Recyclers Australia. Together, we transform your once-beloved DTY uniform into something new—think stylish eco-friendly tote bags or snug home insulation. It’s our way of making sure that no uniform is left behind, giving each piece the opportunity to embark on a second, equally valuable life.


When it comes to sustainable uniforms, every DTY garment tells a story of commitment—not just to style, but to our planet. From helping to clear our oceans of discarded plastic waste, to saving hundreds of kilograms of CO2—we’re proving that uniforms can be both fabulous and forward-thinking.

So, remember; each time you wear a DTY uniform, you don’t just look good; you’re doing good too. And that’s a trend we hope never goes out of style.


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