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Our Uniform Customisation Guide


Branding. It’s not just a buzzword flung about in marketing meetings. It’s the lifeblood of your business, a cost-effective way to imbue your business with a distinct identity.

More than just a fancy logo or a clever tagline, it’s your silent salesman, doing the heavy lifting to differentiate you from your competitors. It’s the quick tap on the shoulder helping customers spot your staff amidst the hustle and bustle. It’s the polished look that screams ‘we mean business’. But more than anything, it’s a symbol of your values and culture.

And if we’re talking about wearable symbols, nothing does the job better than a customised uniform.

So, you’re sitting there wondering, what’s the best method to add branding to uniforms?

In the immortal words of every wise person, it depends. It’s a bit like trying to decide on the perfect coffee order; there are different flavours to suit everyone’s taste. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses, and the best one for your uniform will hinge on several factors. These include the quantity of items, logo size, placement, and the number of colours used.

To help navigate through these choices, we present our guide to the best uniform branding methods. Let’s dive in!


1. Embroidery


Widely seen as the elder statesman of garment branding, embroidery is loved for many reasons. Durable? Check. Sophisticated? Double-check. Cost-effective in large quantities? Triple-check! It’s the superhero of branding methods, swooping in to add that touch of class to virtually any fabric. Whether it’s clothing, hats, backpacks, and more, embroidery is your friend. It’s fast, efficient and the top choice for small to medium-sized graphics.

But remember, like a sophisticated espresso shot, embroidery works best on smaller logos, such as on the chest or sleeves, and for quantities over 20.

Oh, and there’s a minor setup charge for digitizing your logo, but that’s a small price to pay for branding greatness!


2. Screen Printing


If embroidery is the elder statesman, screen printing is the cool, creative cousin. It’s typically used for printing on clothing and is renowned for producing durable and vibrant prints, perfect for those large, eye-catching graphics. Imagine it as a giant ink stamp, pushing colours onto the fabric through woven mesh screens. It’s a bit of an artist though – each colour needs its own screen, maxing out at eight.

Although there’s a setup charge for each screen, each print is as cost-friendly as a cup of house blend coffee.

If you’re ordering in excess of 300 units with up to 3 colours, this method is perfect. But for orders less than 200 units, you might want to give screen printing a miss.


3. Direct To Garment Print (DTG)


Welcome to the future! DTG is an advanced method that uses a specialized inkjet printer to apply ink directly onto the fabric. A bit of heat and voila! The ink transforms into gas, infiltrates the fibres, then solidifies again, resulting in a print that’s soft, durable, and comfortable to wear. Think of it as the espresso machine of printing methods; faster, cleaner, and more economical for smaller quantities.

Plus, it’s fabulous for complex, full-colour designs, and there’s absolutely no limit on the number of colours you can print.


4. Digital Transfer (Heat Seal)


In the race against the clock? Digital transfer is your best bet for a quick and easy branding solution. This method involves printing your design onto special paper, then, just like applying a fun tattoo, it’s heat-pressed onto the garment.

Even though this method may not boast the durability of its siblings – embroidery, screen printing, or DTG – thanks to advancements in printing technology, digital transfers have considerably improved in quality. So, if you’re looking to print names and numbers on sports apparel, this could be your match made in heaven!


5. Sublimation


Sublimation (or sub-dye for the cool kids) is a digital printing method that offers multi-colour printing on polyester or polyester-coated fabrics.

It’s the process of imprinting your design onto special paper, then applying heat to embed the design into the fabric. The ink permeates the fibres for a permanent, vibrant print that cannot be washed out. It’s like a colourful chameleon, versatile and offering endless creative possibilities. You can print on a full garment, single panels or just a section.

Want to add personal names, multiple graphics in one application or even cover the entire garment seam-to-seam? Sublimation’s got your back!


Each of these methods can jazz up your uniforms in their unique ways. To choose the right one, consider these factors: your budget, the quantity of units, logo shape, size and number of colours, and the intended use.

Bear in mind, other factors might also influence your choice of uniform customisation, so don’t be shy to consult a uniform expert. Trust us, we know a thing or two about uniforms, so why not let us help you get your uniform needs professionally evaluated? Let’s make your brand pop!



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