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Three Veterinary Professionals Posing Together Wearing Vet Nurse Scrubs by Designs to You.

Vet Nurse Scrubs:
Why Quality and Comfort Are Non-Negotiable

OCT 13 2023


Ah, Vet Nurse Day — a day of paw-sitivity where we shower our vet nurses with the love and affection usually reserved for the four-legged patients they care for.

But beyond the belly rubs and the treats (for the nurses, not the pets), there’s something equally important that often goes unnoticed: veterinary scrubs. No, not the medical drama TV series, but the very real, very essential uniform that every vet nurse wears.

Whether you’re a vet nurse on the lookout for the purr-fect pair of vet nurse scrubs, or a clinic manager striving for unity, this article is your go-to guide for veterinary scrubs. Let’s dive in!

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Quality vs. Quantity

You wouldn’t buy single-use surgical gloves or disposable stethoscopes. So, why skimp on vet scrubs?

Like a loyal Golden Retriever, a good set of vet nurse scrubs will stick with you through thick and thin (and lots and lots of fur). While it might be tempting to save a few bucks on cheaper options, investing in a few pairs of high-quality vet nurse scrub pants and tops will go a long way.

Trust us; your future self will thank you when your scrubs still look and feel brand new – even after countless cycles in the washing machine with fur, stains, and the occasional squeaky toy.



Fabric and Comfort

Let’s talk tech – fabric tech, that is. At DTY, our vet nursing scrubs are designed using the latest fabric technologies.

Why does that matter? Imagine working a long shift and feeling like you’re wrapped in a woollen blanket in the middle of summer. Not a good look—or feel.

Our vet scrubs are not only breathable but also have stain-resistant and moisture-wicking properties which are crucial when your patients are more likely to slobber on you.

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Design and Functionality

Your day is busy enough. And between the leashes in one pocket and treats in the other, where are you supposed to keep your phone?

That’s why our veterinary scrubs are laden with smart pockets that help you keep things organised.

Plus, our vet scrubs are so comfortable that you might forget you’re wearing them. Just remember to change before you go out in public, please.



Customisation Options

For the clinic managers out there, we haven’t forgotten you! Want to see your clinic’s logo stitched over the heart of every uniform? No problem.

With DTY, you can customise your vet scrubs to your heart’s content. Logos, embroidery, colour coordination — you name it, we can do it. Create a unified and professional look for your whole crew this Vet Nurse Day.

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Customer Testimonial

But don’t just take our word for it. Donna, a veterinary professional from NSW, had this to say:

“Amazing fit and so comfy! Had so many compliments about the color and fit. Being a veterinary professional and having to get on the floor alot makes it much better with the stretchy fabric. Can’t wait to order more!”

— Donna M.


Vet Nurse Day isn’t just about acknowledging the endless love and care that goes into the profession, but also about equipping our beloved vet nurses with the gear they need to thrive.

So, why wait? This Vet Nurse Day, head to our online shop and treat yourself or your team to the best in vet nurse scrubs (and enjoy 10% off your first order).

To all the vet nurses out there, a big ‘thank you’ for your love and dedication. Keep wagging those tails and saving those lives! Happy Vet Nurse Day from all of us at Designs To You!


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