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Creating a Killer Uniform for Your Team


When it comes to choosing what your team wears, the world is your [wearable] oyster. But just because you have endless options at your disposal doesn’t mean your team should be zipping around in shimmery capes and rollerblades (as much as they may want to).

Selecting the perfect uniform comes down to who, what, where, how and why they’re wearing it.


1. Who?


First things first, you need to think about who will be wearing the uniform. Then, you need to sit them down for a cuppa and a bikkie because that’s how you’ll get access to the priceless insights that will shape your workwear into the ideal uniform.

For example, Trish might be looking for easy-care uniforms because she’s over-wearing the remnants of little Oliver’s rogue apple puree. Alex on the other hand might make the point that a brightly coloured uniform can bring a little extra joy to everyone’s day. Then Bill will reinforce the importance of different pant styles because sometimes he’s in the office but sometimes he’s in the warehouse.

There are a lot of determining factors when it comes to shaping a uniform. At the end of the day, your staff should have a big role to play in shaping what gets worn.


2. What?


Uniforms boost so much more than your appearance. Functionally, they can also help you get the job done [in style]. That’s why you need to ask yourself what your staff will be doing when they’re wearing the team uniform. Are they scaling burning buildings? Wading through mirky water? Answering important phone calls? Baking decadent cakes? And lastly – but most importantly – how can you ensure they’ll be comfy while doing it?

Whatever it is they do will influence how your uniform is made, particularly if it needs to meet industry uniform standards.


3. Where?


The environment in which your team are working is another important determining factor when it comes to deciding what they’ll be wearing. If they’re in a people-facing role, you’ll likely want to keep things neat, stylish and professional to give your customers that all-important flawless first impression.

If they’re going to be spending the majority of their time outside, exposed to harsh natural elements like direct sunlight and unpredictable weather, your team are going to need a uniform made of breathable and protective fabrics that help them perform at their best and keep them safe.


4. How?


It can be tempting to save a pretty penny by opting for the cheaper option, but chances are you’ll be kicking yourself once the appeal, and the uniform, soon begins to unravel.

Garments that will endure intensive wear and tear should be made from durable fabrics that can withstand scratches, stains and bumps. But it’s not just physical labour that’ll wear your uniform down. Workwear that will regularly get thrown in the laundry basket at the end of the day also needs to be able to withstand regular long-term wash and wear. Shrunk or stretched uniforms, faded colours, and pulled threads are a surefire way to earn a poor rep for your brand.


5. Why?


Uniforms can serve a number of purposes, the least of which is to create a powerful impression of your brand. Do you want to be seen as uber-professional, effortlessly casual, or a little bit lavish? Your uniform plays a big part in establishing that essence, communicating exactly who you are to your customers.

And we’re not just talking functionally – sure, a plunger stamped on a pair of overalls shouts ‘PLUMBER’ – but a tailor-made boiler suite with embroidered logo, classy colour panels and on-brand piping says ‘professional plumber who prioritises quality’.

The skinny of it is that the purpose of a uniform differs across businesses. That being said, the benefits don’t. They unite team members, give them a sense of pride over their position and company, reduce inequalities, and create powerful team cohesion. Truthfully, quality uniforms have a slew of benefits for your business (click here if you don’t believe us).

However, investing in not just the process of creating them, but a uniform partner who will reliably and sustainably create them, is the true secret to killer workwear.



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