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Healthcare Uniforms: a Photo of Two Smiling Women and One Man Wearing Designs to You Healthcare Uniforms.

Healthcare Uniforms:
Quality, Customisation, Sustainability, and More – A Comprehensive Guide


Let’s face it, choosing healthcare uniforms can be about as exciting as watching paint dry (and maybe even less so). But shouldn’t it be the exact opposite? After all, uniforms are a healthcare worker’s daily armour – the unique emblem that represents your team’s ethos and dedication.

If you think a uniform is just fabric stitched together with a logo slapped on, you might want to keep reading. It’s time to elevate your expectations and recognise that your uniform supplier should be more ‘partner-in-crime’ than ‘just another vendor’.

From style that screams “we care” to functionality that says “we’ve got this,” and a dash of sustainability for good measure, your uniform supplier should have more on their resume than just “we sew stuff”.

Here’s the low-down on what the ideal uniform solution looks like and what healthcare organisations should (and must) demand from their uniform supplier. Buckle up; this isn’t your ordinary guide to uniform shopping.

a Photo of Two Smiling Women Wearing Designs to You Healthcare Uniforms.

Quality Healthcare Uniforms That Match Your Dedication


Healthcare is no walk in the park – unless that park is filled with unexpected challenges and endless responsibilities.

Your uniform? It’s your sidekick – always on duty and never taking a sick day. Breathable fabrics, pockets galore, stretchable materials? Just the basics in our book.

So if your current healthcare uniform is barely holding itself together after a strenuous day then maybe it’s time to have “the talk” with your supplier. You know the one – it starts with “It’s not me, it’s you,” and ends with you raising the bar.

After all, shouldn’t your uniform be working as hard as you?


Custom Healthcare Uniforms to Reflect Your Unique Identity


One-size-fits-all uniforms? About as inspiring as reheated leftovers. Your organisation isn’t a mass-produced, off-the-shelf operation, so why should your uniforms be?

Your uniform supplier should be taking notes, sketching ideas and getting to the heart of your organisation’s personality (feel free to send them the custom print design we created for Healius as inspo).

If they throw a catalogue on the table and say, “Take your pick,” it might be time to pick a new partner. Because let’s face it, your team deserves couture, not clearance rack.

the Banner Image for 'Healius Uniform Case Study' features a male and female model posing in front of a light blue background. They are wearing items from Healius' uniform collection and appear confident, professional and stylish.
Uniform Fulfilment and Inventory Management: a Picture of the Interior of a Uniform Supplier Warehouse with Inventory Inside Stacked Boxes. a Forklift Can Be Seen in the Background.

Efficiency from Design to Delivery


Ever felt like your morning coffee was more efficient than your uniform order? You’re not alone. Finding the right design shouldn’t feel like an endless game of ‘Where’s Wally?’ and delivery shouldn’t be a ‘wait-and-see’ adventure. From that first “aha” design moment to the knock on your door, the uniform creation process should flow like a well-pulled espresso. 

If it feels like a never-ending soap opera, complete with plot twists and cliffhangers, it might be time to switch to a new show. Or at least a supplier that knows how to cut to the chase.


A Responsible Approach to Sustainable Uniforms


Green’s more than just a trendy colour; it’s the ethos of the forward-thinking. Your uniform supplier should offer sustainable uniforms that woo Mother Earth as effortlessly as they impress you with their designs. We’re talking uniform recycling, ethical manufacturing, and eco-friendly packaging.

At Designs To You, we partner with Textile Recyclers Australia to recycle old uniforms that would otherwise be discarded into new and useful materials. It’s just one way we’re working to make uniforms more sustainable.

If a uniform supplier’s idea of sustainability is reusing last year’s designs, we suggest you keep looking…

Sustainable Uniforms and Uniform Recycling - an Image of Inside a Textile Recycling Warehouse. Old Uniforms Are Pictured Within Bags Awaiting Recycling.
Online Uniform Solutions Management System: a Photo of a Black Ipad Being Held in Front of Somebody with Designs to You's Online Uniform Management System visible on the screen. Papers, a coffee mug and a laptop can be seen sitting on a wooden table in the background.

Uniform Solutions: Online Management Tools for Simplicity


Wrestling with spreadsheets and tangled order forms? Sounds like a Monday morning nightmare, not uniform management.

Skip the digital gymnastics; the uniform ordering process should be as breezy as a beach holiday. Imagine a system so intelligent, so user-friendly, that it makes uniform management (dare we say it?) enjoyable. 

If your current experience resembles a jigsaw puzzle from the last century, it might be time to swap the frustration for fabulous. Why settle for chaos when simplicity is just a click away?


Customer Service That Cares


Good support isn’t just for those comfy office chairs or a pair of well-loved sneakers. Your uniform supplier should be there for you like a loyal friend – minus the unsolicited advice on your love life.

Accessible, genuine, and always ready to lend an ear (or a shoulder, if that’s your thing). That’s what real support looks like.

And we’re not just waxing lyrical here. Our team is a 2023 finalist for the CSIA’s Service Excellence Awards. That’s like the Oscars of customer service, minus the red carpet and tearful speeches.

So, if your current support feels like chatting to the office plant, it’s time to find someone who listens and responds. Like, with words and stuff.


Real Words from Real Clients


Shopping for a uniform supplier without checking reviews? That’s like ordering a mystery meal at a restaurant – adventurous but potentially disastrous. Real feedback from real people is like having a chat with your no-nonsense aunty; you know she’s going to tell it straight.


At Designs To You, our case studies aren’t just filled with air kisses and hollow praise. They come with genuine testimonials and a 5-star rating on Google Business to back them up – like this one:


DTY have been such a pleasure to deal with! No request is ever too big or too small and the turnaround times have been great. The customer service team are always happy to support our employees with their queries and we’ve received so many compliments on how good our team looks.

– Sonja Laverman

So, if the only accolades you find smell more like marketing copy than heartfelt commendations, then channel your inner Sherlock and find the real deal.


So, there you have it. There’s no going back to humdrum healthcare uniforms or mundane suppliers now.


Picking healthcare uniforms isn’t something to be taken lightly or done in between your tea break and catching up on emails. It’s a statement, a commitment, and let’s face it, a bit of an art form. It reflects who you are, so choose with care… and flair.



Need a hand in turning an ordinary uniform into an extraordinary one? At Designs To You, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get it done. 

Let’s chat about crafting the perfect healthcare uniforms that are as unique as your team. After all, why settle for ordinary uniform solutions when you can have fabulous?