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Ethical Uniform Supplier: the Banner for the Article 'helping to Close the Gap: Our Journey Towards Reconciliation' Features a Navy Coloured Document Resting Atop a Yellow Background. the Front of the Documents Reads 'reflect Reconciliation Plan August 2023 - January 2025'.

Helping to Close the Gap as an Ethical Uniform Supplier:
Our Journey Towards Reconciliation


As an ethical uniform supplier, we’re thrilled to unveil our inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) as we gear up for NAIDOC week. But what exactly is a RAP, and why does it matter?

Stick with us, and we’ll unpack why reconciliation is everyone’s business and how our action plan is helping to level the playing field in Australia

Three Adult Professionals Wear Blue Uniforms by Designs to You.

Why a Reconciliation Action Plan Matters to Us as an Ethical Uniform Supplier


At Designs To You, we understand the significance of reconciliation in shaping a more equitable future. With a 25-year journey on the lands of the First Nations Peoples, our commitment to reconciliation is deeply rooted. We believe that to truly reconcile, we need to actively work towards closing the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and all Australians.

Our Reflect RAP is like a starter kit; it’s our game plan for making reconciliation part of what we do every day as an ethical uniform supplier.


Fostering Understanding, One Conversation at a Time


We get it—change starts from within. That’s why we’ve been sparking conversations about culture and history among our team and customers.

Ever seen those yellow Acknowledgement of Country signs in business windows? We’ve got one displayed at the entrance to our head office.

It’s not just there for show. This sign serves as a visible reminder of the land’s Traditional Owners. More than that, it’s a conversation starter, igniting meaningful talks about reconciliation. It keeps us all mindful and focused, reminding us why we’re on this important journey.

an Image of Two Young Girls Wearing Shirts with the 'Star Foundation' logo.

Community Impact: It’s a Big Deal for Us


Our efforts go beyond the office doors. We’ve teamed up with the STARS Foundation, a charity focused on empowering Indigenous girls and young women that provides opportunities for growth, empowerment, and equality.

We’re all about boosting communities and backing projects that make a real difference. Through STARS, we’re excited to offer opportunities that pave the way for a more equal Australia.


Celebrating and Amplifying Voices as an Ethical Uniform Supplier


In line with our commitment as an ethical uniform supplier, we’ll highlight big moments like NAIDOC Week, Sorry Day, and National Reconciliation Week. We’re inviting you—our team, clients, and even the guy next door—to celebrate these milestones with us.

Plus, we’ll be sharing the amazing stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander folks on our social media. It’s a chance for us all to broaden our understanding and appreciation of Indigenous cultures.


Stay Informed and Get Involved


The road to reconciliation is not an easy one, but we firmly believe that change starts with collective action.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated staff, valued clients, and the wider community for your support. Your commitment to our shared vision is instrumental in creating a more inclusive, empathetic, and united Australia.

Together, we can help build a more equitable Australia, foster understanding, and create a future where empathy, respect, and unity thrive.

Read our full 2023 Reconciliation Action Plan below, and follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with our efforts.


Any questions or thoughts? Feel free to reach out. As an ethical uniform supplier, we’re more than happy to chat about our plans for a more just Australia.