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Here’s Why Investing in a Quality Uniform Is Priceless

Ah, ‘quality over quantity’ — a mantra as old as time itself. It’s the unsung hero in the face-off against the flashy villain, fast fashion. Unfortunately, reasonably-priced, high-quality garments have been facing an uphill battle in an era of fast fashion. Clothing powerhouses like H&M and Zara are pumping out ‘fresh looks’ at an insane pace, giving our wardrobes the dreaded ‘outdated’ status sooner.
But we’re not here to give you another fast fashion lecture (or remind you that Australia drops a whopping 720,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles into landfill every year), instead, we’re going to do the opposite – talk about the beauty of quality.(Although, if you are interested in better understanding the effect short-life textiles are having on our environment, there’s a brilliant episode of War On Waste that’s well worth a watch).
Instead, we’re going to flip the script. We’re going to croon a love song to the understated beauty of quality. The kind that whispers ‘timeless’ and ‘enduring’ rather than screaming ‘temporary’ and ‘disposable’. So let’s celebrate the long-lasting, the durable, the quality that stands the test of time. And maybe, just maybe, we can put the fast in ‘fast fashion’ to bed for good.

The True Cost of Cheap 🫰


Technology has done an absolute number on the fashion industry. It’s led to some pretty incredible advances in fabric technology, but it’s also pioneered some significant (and admittedly sad) declines in quality.

These days, machines are able to mass-produce garments at insanely low prices, which in turn allows brands like H&M and Zara to sell them cheaply. And what’s better than a bargain, right? Well, reliable quality for one.

See, while cheap prices can be tempting because they don’t put a dent in your back pocket, the true cost of that purchase is so much more than you’ve budgeted for.

Say you go for a $49 ASOS polyester work coat over a $225 wool blend alternative. You may be saving $176 now, but we bet our bottom dollar you will have spent that twice over on replacement jackets before the higher quality option even needs replacing.

So don’t be fooled by the price tag; the true value of clothing is defined by quality. And great quality is priceless.


The Beauty of Being an Outfit Repeater 🌟


The trick to seeing a good return on investment with quality clothing purchases is ensuring it’s something you’ll want to wear for a long time. In the world of uniforms, this is where it pays to get as many opinions as possible from the people who’ll be wearing them. In fact, when workers are able to wear the clothes they’re comfortable and confident in, morale is higher and people are proven to be more productive.

That’s a big part of why, here at Designs To You, we offer such an extensive range of styles and customisations – so businesses can invest in workwear their teams will love and feel proud to be seen in, time and time again.


The Value of a Good Blend 🧵


And no, Melbourne readers, we’re not talking about coffee. ‘Blend’ refers to the composition of a garment’s fabric. A lot of the stuff you’ll see in high fashion stores will have a high percentage of polyester, which is traditionally made with a lot of harsh chemicals and manufactured with fossil fuels. Plus, it’s likely prone to pilling, which happens considerably more with synthetic blends than natural fibres like cotton or wool.

When you’re hunting for quality, it pays to look for recycled, thermoregulated, and durable fabrics. Which is why we use exactly that. Our range of recycled polyester fabrics are created with Repreve®, which has recycled nearly 33 million bottles to date.

Our 4-way stretch TruTemp365® suiting fabric uses a unique technology that maintains an ideal microclimate between you and your uniforms, leading to uniforms for all seasons.

Finally, our Milano knitwear range is made with two sets of hi-twist yarn knitted diagonally. The compact knit construction creates a robust and more durable fabric that has superior stretch and recovery properties. Plus, they’re run-resistant and don’t pill or fade

See? It’s these benefits you’re paying for when you fork out a little extra more for quality.


The Hunt for a Quality Uniform 🔍


Work uniforms can sometimes be an afterthought for businesses, but the value of having a team that feels confident and comfortable every single day is priceless.

When it comes to investing in new workwear, looking for the best uniform quality you can afford will help you maximise your return. This means looking for better fabrics, construction, sizing, fit, performance, durability and even customer service.

In doing so, you’ll have better fitting, higher comfort, sleeker-looking uniforms that last a heck of a lot longer than their fast fashion counterparts. Plus, when you order with Designs To You, we’ll throw in phenomenal customer service as well.


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