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Sustainable Uniforms:
The Essential Guide for Procurement Managers


Let’s get straight to the point. If you’re a procurement manager, every decision you make reverberates through the organisation, its reputation, and its bottom line. You’re not just buying stuff; you’re purchasing value, and that’s exactly why we need to talk about sustainable uniforms…

Three Adult Professionals Wear Blue Uniforms by Designs to You.

Why Sustainable Uniforms Aren’t Just ‘Nice to Have’ – They’re ‘Must-Have’


Forget the niceties. Sustainable procurement is no longer a choice but a requirement. Regulations are tightening, and both consumers and stakeholders are scrutinising your procurement choices more than ever.

Did you know that 40% of Aussies have stopped purchasing from brands that are not environmentally responsible? Your procurement choices are branding choices, and they have a direct impact on customer loyalty and business reputation.


Turn Sustainability Into Savings with Sustainable Uniforms


It’s not just about doing the right thing; it’s also about doing the smart thing. Sustainable uniforms translate to cost-savings. Long-lasting, quality fabrics mean fewer replacements and less wastage.

Moreover, companies with strong ESG ratings are outperforming their counterparts in the long haul. In layman’s terms? Bottom line? Sustainability is profitable.

a Close-up of a Blue Milano Knit Top. the Top Features a V-neckline, Short Sleeves, and a Fitted Silhouette. the Fabric Has a Textured Pattern and a Smooth, Luxurious Appearance.

Designs to You - Australian Uniform Supplier: Plan Your Uniforms

Make It Easier: Choose a Supplier That Does the Heavy Lifting for You


We get it; you’ve got enough on your plate. You need a supplier who simplifies the sustainable uniform game. Look for one that:

  • Offers Automated Inventory Management: Don’t get stuck with useless stock that drains your budget. A good supplier should help you track and manage your inventory to eliminate waste. It’s like having an extra set of eyes looking out for you.
  • Provides Turn-Key Solutions: From textiles with Fairtrade Certification to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, your supplier should offer garments that meet international environmental and human rights standards. All without you having to become an overnight expert in global textile guidelines.

Sustainable Uniforms: Turn Obsolescence into Opportunity


Worried about what to do with obsolete uniforms? Stop worrying and start strategising.

Partner with suppliers that offer responsible disposal solutions, from donating wearable uniforms to recycling the worn-out ones. Turn what could be a headache into another notch on your sustainable business belt.

Sustainable Uniforms and Uniform Recycling - an Image of Inside a Textile Recycling Warehouse. Old Uniforms Are Pictured Within Bags Awaiting Recycling.
Three People Dressed in Medical Uniforms Posing in Confident Positions.

Seal the Deal: Reflect Your Brand’s Values


By now, we hope you see that sustainable uniform procurement isn’t just possible; it’s profitable, pragmatic, and painless.

Partner with us, and we promise to make sustainability easy for you while reflecting your brand’s core values and setting you ahead in the game.


So, are you still thinking of sustainable uniform procurement as just another task? It’s time to see it as an opportunity—an opportunity to fortify your brand, please your stakeholders, and yes, do some good for the planet while you’re at it.



Ready to make sustainable changes to your uniform program that will benefit your organisation, its people and the planet? Get in touch with us today.