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Improving Gender Equity with Uniforms This IWD

Raise the banners and pop the champagne, ladies (and gents!) – March 8th has rolled around again, and it’s no ordinary Wednesday. It’s International Women’s Day! As a business that’s both owned and led by women, this is our time to shine.
This yearly celebration honors the remarkable contributions women have made to our social, economic, cultural, and political landscapes. It also serves as a wake-up call for us all to step up our efforts in advancing gender parity. The driving force behind this year’s campaign is #EmbraceEquity, aiming to catalyse progress in gender equity worldwide.
“But what about gender equality?” you might ask, “Isn’t that what feminists have been advocating for all these years?”. All great questions that we’re about to do our best to answer…

What is gender equity and how does it differ from equality?

You wouldn’t be remiss for thinking that gender equality is what feminists have been aiming for this entire time, or that an equal playing field for men and women is a fair playing field. But equal opportunities for women are no longer enough. Not when they continue to face significantly more disadvantages than men in many aspects of life, particularly when it comes to employment.
And, while gender equality is about giving equal opportunities to both sexes, it overlooks the specific hurdles women often face, particularly in the employment sector. Even in 2023, finding secure, long-term employment can feel like an uphill battle for many women. Currently, men constitute 71% of the Australian labor force, leaving women at 61%. That’s where equity comes in — it acknowledges these challenges and seeks to address them.

So… what are you doing about it?

As a uniform supplier, we’re in a unique position to make a difference. We’ve partnered with Fitted For Work (FFW), an Australian non-profit that supports women facing difficulties in securing sustainable employment. We contribute by donating surplus workwear to FFW, who then provides it to their clients.


This initiative doesn’t just help these women secure jobs—it fosters a sense of confidence and self-reliance. And the benefits ripple outward. If we could raise women’s workforce participation by just 6%, Australia’s GDP would increase by an impressive $25 billion. That’s not just a win for women, but for everyone.

What can I do about it?

No, we’re not asking for you to start a workwear donation drive (unless you’re up for it!). You can support gender equity by volunteering your time or donating funds to organisations that champion women’s rights, like the Victorian Women’s Trust.
On this International Women’s Day, your involvement could help us take a major stride towards gender equity. So, are you ready to #EmbraceEquity?


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