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Giving Your Uniforms a Unique (And Colourful) Edge


The word ‘uniform’ by definition means to be unchanged – to be the same. And where’s the fun in that? You can’t make a killer first impression at a glance if the threads you wear make you look like you could belong to any number of businesses.

So, how do you differentiate yourself in a sea of sameness when it comes to your workwear? With a custom uniform, that’s how!

A pop of colour or a strategic design tweak has the power to take your uniform from standard to outstanding. The trick however is finding the flattering balance between professional and exceptional. After all not many people can pull off an Iris Apfel ensemble.

The nature of your work will guide you towards this sweet spot, with some fields of work allowing for a little more ‘spice’, while others will need to convey a sense of trust and maturity and should be a little more restrained in appearance.

Here are some insider tips on how to give your uniform its own signature stamp:


1. Pick a Hero Piece 🦸


Typically, a uniform collection is made up of many coordinated items. And here’s where some brands go wrong – they colour-bomb the whole lot.

Instead of adding your brand colour to every item in your uniform range, make your colour the centrepiece with a few hero items. Blouses, shirts and dresses are ideal for creating a colourful focal point that makes an impact without looking too overwhelming.


2. Brighten It up With Colour Panels 🌈


Another way you can brighten up your uniform with a strategic splash of colour is with colourful sections or panels.

Colour panels can be applied to almost any type of clothing as well as some accessories and are a great way to customise your uniforms. Look at our Healius scrubs for inspo!

This is a bespoke design option so does require an MOQ, but the result is a uniform collection that is uniquely yours.


3. Introduce a Custom Pattern 🖌️


Want to spare no expense when it comes to making your uniform 100% unique? A custom pattern is perfect for you.

A professional designer will create a seamless pattern incorporating your chosen elements such as logo, icon, colour palette and graphics to give your uniform unmatched originality. Your pattern can be detailed, geometric, abstract or even floral, the important thing is ensuring it does your brand and values justice.

One thing to note about patterns is that they can be a little overwhelming if overused, so we recommend introducing yours strategically across key items in your collection.

Need some inspo? Check out the abstract pattern we designed for Medibank, or the logo-inspired pattern for Healius.


4. Add Vibrancy with Colour Trims 🎨


This is a more subtle and potentially cost-effective way to incorporate your brand colours into your uniforms.

Trims like buttons, zip pulls, binding, piping and pip labels can be used to add your brand colours. Colour trims often help to create a subtle thread that runs through the uniform collection for a more unique look and consistency.


5. Customise with Branded Embellishments 🪡


Probably the most popular uniform customisation is personalised embroidery or print. It’s a fantastic way to put your brand front and centre on almost any garment, plus it won’t break the bank.

You can wear your company logo proudly in full colour on your shirt front, embroider a classy colour feature on a sleeve cuff, or print your brand tagline on the back. You can be as spicy or as sophisticated as you like

This is how we have transformed Repco’s black pit crew shirt from plain to wow.


6. Make a Statement with Accessories 🧣


Instead of tweaking the design of your garments, why not add a colourful accessory to brighten up the entire look? This could be a belt, scarf, tie or hat– all can be made to match your brand colours. It’s a great way to finish off an outfit with a pop of colour.

Coloured belts are a great way of bringing subtle yet brighter branding to darker uniforms. The same applies to scarves and ties – they can bring bold branding to your uniform without compromising on professionalism.


We’ve created a lot of custom uniforms over the years and from our experience, the best collections combine a few different methods (you can see them here in our case studies).

However you choose to spice up your workwear, the important thing is to factor in your own unique industry, brand values, business personality and budget. With the help of an experienced uniform stylist, you can create your perfect uniform.



If you’re ready to make your uniforms stand out get in touch and we can help bring your uniform vision to life!